About the Museum

Museum Hours:  We are sad to report that on Friday, September 11, 2020 one of our staff members was exposed to Covid.   Thus, we are having to close the museum until we get the results of our tests back.   Please keep checking back as we hope to be open in the next week!

Museum Contents
Ninepipes Museum of Early MontanaThe displays contain hundreds of Western Plains Indian items that depict the past life of all the Tribes of Montana and surrounding states. These items are not reproductions but true artifacts. Because the Flathead Reservation was opened to homesteaders, the displays also represent the life of cowboys and early settlers, the fur trade and the Blackrobe missionaries.  We also proudly feature a wildlife diorama that has captured the four legged members of our past and present.

Schools, Tourists, and Residents
Part of the Ninepipes Museum’s mission is to make this history available to the schools throughout the area and students from other states and countries through tours conducted by Bud and Laurel, with assistance from staff and the members of the Board of Directors. This allows the very unique opportunity to know firsthand the stories that accompany the objects. Classroom visits are another important feature of the museum’s programs. The museum is an invaluable resource for educating our children.  The Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana is an excellent source visitors from all over the world, as it enhances the geographical character of the area, including the environment, heritage, aesthetics and culture for all who visit, tourists and residents.

Going Forward
So much history to bring to people like you.   Past and present knowledge of the area is so critical to capture and we have an on-going mission to do just that!   We invite you to help us with this legacy by becoming a member . This will keep you updated on our progress and other events including historical tales through the quarterly newsletter. You can find us on Facebook as well.

Gift Shop
Visitors are sure to find something unique in our museum gift shop that represents our local culture and history. We carry a wide variety of quality items at a range of prices, from books, jewelry, blankets and craft supplies, to clothing and fine candies made in Montana. The museum has a great selection of cards, posters, and prints by local artists, native art and beadwork, and other specialty items such as traditionally tanned hides, handcrafted bows and arrows, and more.  If you cannot visit us, check out our on-line store that is in the process of being developed.   A great way to give a touch of Montana to your loved ones and friends.